Fastening Methods

Nailing Margins

One or two inch nailing margins installed by drilling directly through the nailing margins into concrete block, brick, wood, etc.

Z Clip

SofStop wall pads having no nailing margins can be hung on the wall using a 2 piece aluminum Z-Clip, either at the top only or both top and bottom.

J Channel

Conveniently place the bottom nailing margin inside SofStop’s aluminum J-channel for support, while fastening the top with Z-clip or velcro.

Aluminum Channel with Velcro Stick

Aluminum channel with velcro stick offers a clean and simple solution to installation, while eliminating nailing margins. When used with aluminum Z-clip or J-channel, these wall pads can be removed, but how does velcro work?.

2″ Velcro

2″ Velcro along the top, center and bottom of the back-side of the pad can be sewn on a non-wood-backed pad or stapled onto a wood-backed pad.