SofStop Wall Pad Specifications

1-¼” Polyethylene Filler (Closed Cell)
1-½” Urethane Filler 100 ILD (Indentation Load Deflection)
2” Urethane Filler 100 ILD (Indentation Load Deflection)
2” Bonded Foam Filler 6 LB Density
2” Neoprene Foam Filler (Class “A”) 6 LB Density

SofStop panels will be constructed of (Filler – see descriptions above) adhered to 7/16” OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and covered with Fire Retardant 14 oz. PSY, vinyl laminate with a polyester scrim reinforcement with high mildew and rot resistance. (Fire Retardant to pass California State Fire Marshall’s Test and NFPA-701). Vinyl covering shall be folded and stapled securely to 7/16” backing board.

A 1” nailing margin shall be provided top and bottom for securing panels to the wall with appropriate anchors supplied by installer. For a standard 2’-0 wide pad, three anchors on each nailing margin should be used. Trim washers can be used at each fastener location to improve appearance. Likewise, an aluminum strip can be used to cover the entire nailing margin, but is not necessary. Should Z-clips be used, foam height remains the same as a pad with two nailing lips; however, one nailing lip or both nailing lips can be eliminated. SofStop padding is available in any height from 1’-0 to 10’-0.

Vinyl laminated polyester covering is available in 18 colors: Maroon, Red, Rich Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Gold, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Teal (not available on Class “A” pad), Marine Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Beige, Gray, Black, and White. See color chart.

Cutouts in panels can either be made in factory, but can also be made in field to fit job conditions.

SofStop FireGuard Wall Pad

SofStop Fire Guard Foam can be used to construct padding to meet ASTM E-84 in order to comply with your Class “A” requirements. Applied to 7/16″ OSB backing board and covered with 14 oz. PSY vinyl laminated polyester (Fire Retardant to pass California State Fire Marshall’s Test and NFPA-701). Test certificates available upon request.

Vonar Fire Liner

Your choice of foam filler and backing board wrapped with SofStop’s Vonar fire liner to meet your fire code regulations.

Nailing Margins

Padding with two or one 1″ nailing margins or no nailing margins. Pads can be installed directly to the wall, with Z-clip, or by using 3 rows of 2″ Velcro. Learn more about our Fastening Methods here.